Vote! Places for People

This is my friend Fay (on the left):

And this is Max:

Fay and Max are both knitters.

They both work with an organization here in Haliburton called Places for People.

Affordable housing is an issue everywhere.  Here, it’s nearly impossible to find.  When we moved here just over a year ago, there were only 2 rental houses available in the County.  Now, there are even less.

That’s where Places for People come into play.  They buy run-down properties

and renovate them with community support.

Then the houses are rented to low-income families at affordable rates, allowing the tenants to build assets and “get ahead.”  They even take a small portion of the rent and put it in a trust fund for the renters and give them access to skills and education resources so that they can truly build a future for themselves.  Oh, and they purchase properties within walking distance to shopping areas and schools, so that an active, healthy lifestyle is encouraged as well.

This film shows the process:

So what does that have to do with you?  Places for People is up for a $100K Pepsi Refresh grant.  Would you go and vote for them?  You can vote once per day per email address, EVERY DAY until October 31.

My wish list:

I’d love to see Places for People get more exposure — if more people are aware of the work they do, I’m hoping they will donate to their cause and tell everyone they know.

I’d love to see Places for People move up in the ranks in this competition — moving up shows that more people are aware.

I’d love to see more people talking about Places for People.  I’ve already noticed several of my Haliburton-based friends posting links to encourage people to vote.  (Which is a great reminder!)

And I know knitters are a force to be reckoned with!  We all step up to the plate, over and over again, to support our friends and colleagues.  (Did I mention Max and Fay — the knitters?)  So please consider going to vote here:

Consider voting every day until October 31.

Consider telling everyone you know.

And in exchange, as I eagerly watch Places for People go up the ranks, I’ll offer a discount of 10% for every 2 places P4P moves up before October 31.  (They started at 27.)


4 thoughts on “Vote! Places for People

  1. thanks, Kim. As far as I know my knitting has never qualified me for anything before, so having it be an entree to this campaign is great. The presentation is great. and the offer generous. thanks so much.

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