Bad Dress Rehearsal

1. We are here in Kitchener for the Knitters Fair.

2. Driving in Kitchener is not exactly a walk in the park. Many have written about it. The city just does not make sense.

3. We ordered 3 tables for our 10×10 booth. Logic dictates that all 3 tables should fit in said booth. They did not. Still, we made it work.

4. Apparently having your tables stick out a foot into the aisle is not good. Fine. We fixed it.

5. Ok, so “fixing it” still means that the tables stick out exactly 1.5″ into the aisle. That 1.5″ means the fire Marshall will (and I quote) shut down the show. (are you listening Jack Bateman, former Fire Marshall of Ontario? You’re laughing, aren’t you?). I do not want to be personally responsible for that many angry knitters.

6. This is the booth equivalent of “gauge lies”.

7. Yes Sandi, I did order tables based on the measurements I was provided with.

8. See #6.

9. Our booth is, um, more constricted than we would like. Sorry.

10. I needed beer.

11. And chocolate.

12. The vending machines in our hotel require our room key to access them.

13. Guess how that went.

14. Thank goodness for extra keys.

15. We have the only vending machine on the planet with no chocolate.



3 thoughts on “Bad Dress Rehearsal

  1. Sad! I had no idea they were so stringent on the booth requirements. I should’ve brought you chocolate–that’s what a good stalker would’ve done. Next time! It was good to see you on Saturday, and I cannot wait until Paging Dr. Smart-Ass comes out for realsies. Am still trying to figure out if the next club can fit into my tiny budget…

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