And the Winners are…

It’s Thursday.  I promised you winners on Thursday, didn’t I?  😉

Meet Celebrity Judge #1:

Scaredy Squirrel drew the 28 semi-finalists, which were then put in groups of four in project bags.

At which point, Celebrity Judge #2:
Otis approved

Otis P Wheaton (rav link) stepped in to narrow it down to the Final Four.

excuse the quality of our filming…the combination of using cell phone technology and hysterical laughter do not make for Oscar-winning cinematography 😉

And then chose the winners of each prize.

Prize #1:  The last remaining Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination package goes to…

Prize #2:  The cable mug by Susanne James and a skein of silk lace or merino sock goes to…

Prize #3:  The Darby Bayly project bag, 1 skein of MCN Sport and the Storm Water pattern goes to…

And finally, Prize #4: the Little Swift (compliments of Tom Bihn…thank you again!) and 5 skeins of Indigodragonfly yarn goes to…

Thank you everyone who entered.  It’s been a fun few weeks reading your comments and your answers to our nutty questions.

If you’ve won a prize, we will be contacting you by email shortly.

And now Otis will slump into a Milk Bone coma…


7 thoughts on “And the Winners are…

  1. Always a “treat” to watch Otis at work! He is the best! Congrats to the winners and thanks Kim and “The Boy” for a great contest!

  2. well done! somehow I kept thinking of willy wonka and the chocolate factory – hope otis survives the harsh demands of celebrity judging!

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