And finally…

Prize #4 in the Indigodragonfly Anniversary contest!

I’m very excited about this one:

A Cork Little Swift, generously donated by Tom Bihn (thank you Darcy and Tom!), and 5 skeins of Indigodragonfly Yarn!


About the yarn: 5 skeins of your choice of in stock yarn (each skein of Silk/Merino single counts as 2 skeins, due to the large size of the skeins). They can be 5 skeins of the same type and same colour. They can be a mixture. Want 5 skeins of different lace yarns in a variety of colours? It’s yours. Sock yarns? Yours. A mixture of weights and colours? All. Yours.


And the Little Swift? I’ve never been close to a cork one before and it is REALLY beautiful. The fabric is strong and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I’m told that over time the cork will age and develop a patina…not unlike wood.

And the bag comes with a key strap and a small yarn stuff sack in steel.  The yarn stuff sack has the new carabiner yarn guide seen in my review here.

The Anniversary Contest runs until August 4, at which point we will have a very unique drawing for the prizes. There are four prizes available:

1. The last remaining first Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Club package

2. A cable mug by Susanne James and a skein of either silk lace or merino sock yarn(your choice of in stock colours)

3.  A Darby Bayly project bag chosen by Otis, a skein of MCN Sport (in your choice of in stock colours) and a Storm Water Cowl pattern.

4.  A Tom Bihn Little Swift and 5 skeins of your choice of Indigodragonfly Yarn.

The answer to Sunday’s quiz question:

The yarn store the Boy has nicknamed “the Possum Place” (see this post about Montréal) is A La Tricoteuse.

Bonus question:   g)  A Maple Lake dump employee.  (Pretty sure this is NOT his real name…but the Boy keeps calling him that, so the name has stuck.  We’re trying to figure out how to Kinnear a photo of him the next time he sticks his Tilley hat-covered/long, white-bearded head in our car window to grill us on the garbage we’ve brought…)

Today’s question:

What American city is twinned with Cork, Ireland? (First 3 correct answers)

Bonus question:  What famous Canadian knitwear designer has been travelling there over the past week?  (Um, if you are said designer, your answer will not count as an entry…sorry)

So how do you enter? Lots of ways.

1. Leave us a comment, and you get an entry (1 comment per day per person)

2. If you were the very, very first customer, you get an entry. (I know who you are, you don’t have to. )

3. Answer weird quiz questions. They will be random, both in their timing and their content. We will give entries to the first 1-5 correct answers (depending on how we feel that day…we’ll give you fair warning), either in the comments or by email. (If you leave them in the comments, quiz answers count as an entry in addition to your comment entry…are you confused yet? Good. We like you that way.)

4. Buy stuff. Heck, why not? For every $25 purchased, you get an entry.



53 thoughts on “And finally…

  1. OMGOMGOMG me-me-me!!! I know *nothing* about any of these questions (I was all ready to say Prospector Pete was a Warner Bros. cartoon character until I remembered that was probably Yukon Cornelius), but I can still be entered if I just leave you a comment, right? um … so this is my inarticulate attempt. Please reward me anyway!!! ;~D

  2. I was also going to say Glenna of Knitting to Stay Sane while she is traveling in South. Calif. I can’t type fast enough! LOL!

  3. Followed the rav linky and here I am – looks like I’m too late to use my google-fu for the contest question, but I’ve checked out your yarn and not only is it beee-yootiful, it has some of the best names evah… =)

  4. Great contest and awesome prizes. I have to check out the yarn and place an order with all of this arm twisting going on!

  5. Love this prize! Hope I win it.

    And I’m cheating by looking at the other comments… San Francisco and Glenna C!

  6. Not the Swift! I am but a short drive from Tom Bihn and have kept myself out of trouble by not visiting them (yet.)

  7. The North American sity it’s twinned with is San Francisco.

    And I think it’s Lucy Neatby who is bumming around Ireland right now…

  8. And I have Newport, Rhode Island as my guess…

    and Glenna is the wandering designer, I believe…

    this is such fun, Kim – you know the pressure’s on for future contests, right??

  9. well I won’t win an extra entry, but I can comment!
    It is indeed San Francisco. ;D I hope Glenna is enjoying our magnificently cool adn wonderful weather – the LA basin is almost chilly!

  10. Ohh, me, me! My birthday is the day before you pick the winner and I think it would be awesome to be chosen. Otherwise, I might have to buy the bag for myself as a birthday present. Not a bad option, but if you picked me, then I could get myself something else fabulous for the celebration!

  11. What a great contest…I like them convoluted 🙂

    Answer: Kinsale, Ireland is twinned with Newport, Rhode Island

  12. What a nice idea for an anniversary! I have a Tom Bihn bag (it is my fav to carry) but I can always use another one! Thanks!

  13. Too much fun, living without internet for the past 6 days has been the pits (missed out on all those entry opportunities)…but I love what you are doing!!!

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  15. I have been MIA….and I have no idea what any of the answers are! But I want to win anyway, cause I’m like that.
    and I love you….does that count?

  16. OMG I can’t believe you’re giving away that divine swift bag and more yummy yarn!!! too bad I’m too late with the San Fran answer- sorry – don’t know the designer, but look forward to seeing the answer!

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  18. Oh.. the cork Swift and indigodragonfly yarn. Love it! I don’t understand most of the post, but that’s okay. I’ll comment anyway.

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  20. wow! i have been looking at these bags for a while. would be absolutely thrilled to win! the yarn is scrumptious too. 🙂

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  23. Just followed the link from Ravelry. Love my larger sized Swift. I think the smaller size would be cool as well. So many bags! Never can have enough!

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