Another Prize Revealed…

Prize #2:

A cable mug made by Susanne James and a skein of your choice of silk lace or merino sock…choose a colour from our current stock.

Anniversary prizes

I love how Susanne has carved the little stitches into the cable…

Anniversary prizes

…and how the mug feels in your hand. Mugs are hard to get “just right”. Susanne’s got that down pat!

Answers to the quiz questions so far:

July 14 was the date of my first update and sale.

The Boy reskeined 16 miles (yes…I know…) of yarn last Monday…and got 2 yarn burns.

16 is the legal age to pump gas. (Hear that Mum? You made us BREAK THE LAW!)

We’ve had 8 colourways named after Muppets/Sesame Street characters: Groverkill, Self-Elmolation, That’s Not Kermit…Kermit is Dead, This is Your Brain on Cookies (though there has been HEATED debate in our household over that one. Did I mention I almost always get to win?), One! One Purple Skein! Ah ah ah, One Dragonfly Ripple for the Frog, I WANT EAT DRUMS! and Ernie Shirt. (By the way…to the person who tried to pass off the 2 different dyelots of Cookies as 2 different colourways? Nice. Try.)

And Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend is the book in which we learn that Scaredy knits. Scaredy is high quality literature. Go read them. Now. (But wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap first)

So the entries are piling up. And there are 2 prizes left to be revealed. We’re having too much fun, so we’ll be extending this contest for another week to August 4.

So how do you enter? Lots of ways.

1. Leave us a comment, and you get an entry (1 comment per day per person)

2. If you were the very, very first customer, you get an entry. (I know who you are, you don’t have to. )

3. Answer weird quiz questions. They will be random, both in their timing and their content. We will give entries to the first 1-5 correct answers (depending on how we feel that day…we’ll give you fair warning), either in the comments or by email. (If you leave them in the comments, quiz answers count as an entry in addition to your comment entry…are you confused yet? Good. We like you that way.)

4. Buy stuff. Heck, why not? For every $25 purchased, you get an entry.

Today’s Quiz Question:

In the interest of total obscurity…today’s question comes from knowledge we just gained from watching a documentary about St. John’s, Newfoundland…

In 1700 there were 42 houses in St. John’s. How many taverns were there?

First 3 correct answers get entries.


30 thoughts on “Another Prize Revealed…

  1. SOMEONE’S a little out of control! 😉

    In 1700? Judging by the number of good ones that were there in 2007, I’d say pretty close to zero.

    Though there is NONIA (Newfoundland Outport Nursing and Industrial Association)…a non-profit that raises money through the sales of hand-knit items to pay the salaries of public health nurses. Nurses that work with remote communities that wouldn’t have any healthcare services otherwise.

  2. 5 taverns and one whorehouse?

    Oh and lots of fish.

    If you can make a convoluted contest I can give a convoluted answer.

  3. 52? Only because it’s my favourite number and I’m sure the migrant fisherfolk be mighty thirsty on their way pas’ The Rock.

  4. I’m going to guess something totally outlandish and say 0.

    Lots of places have been dry at one time or another; maybe this is one of them.

    I’m still pretty sure I’m wrong, though.

  5. You are having way too much fun with this!!! We would need a site visit to determine the correct answer! ( And a time machine!!)

  6. I’ve searched and searched. One thing I found said 30 but not sure that was really talking about St. John’s.

  7. Well, my husband’s grandfather was a Newfie……. and his family came from Ireland…… There needed to be housing, etc for the seasonal workers, so I’ll go with 150….. ;D

  8. damn I hate being out of town & having computer issues – look at what all I missed!!!! Sigh. I’m going with 88 – all those sailors and government types had to have someplace to unwind . . . . . . after getting kicked out of a tavern would need another one to try . . . . .

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