Shameless Promotion

This is Karen.

This is also Karen.

Karen is awesome.

Karen is trying to become the official blogger for Canadian Gardening.  We need to help her.   Because clearly Karen is a blogging overacheiver (and a bona fide smart-ass, but that’s a story for another day).

Please consider taking a moment to go here and vote for Karen’s entry.

And not just because she’s promising me heirloom purple carrot seeds. (She keeps telling me the real name, but clearly I need her blog to remember what it is)

Thanks, and spread the word!

PS:  you need to register in order to click “like” on the site, but not to comment.


2 thoughts on “Shameless Promotion

  1. Oh, you are a love. Thanks, Kim. Especially for the bona fide smart-ass thing. Looking forward to that post! lol. : )
    ~ Remember our “code word”… Purple Dragon!

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