Ever Feel Like Your Life Should Be Commentated?

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Rod Black: Well folks, we’re into Day 7 of the Knitting Olympics and after a fantastic start for Kim McBrien, just speeding away through those Fiddlehead Mitts, things are really going straight to hell.  I’m sure all Canadians are deeply DEEPLY disappointed.

David Pelletier: Yes, well, she was doing so well and then suffered setback when the electric so-not-a-zamboni-no-matter-how-cute-it-is spewed liquid all. over. the ice…

…causing a potential 3 day delay as she must now have the time to completely dry those outer mittens out before attempting the double lining.  Great lesson to be learned here…read through ALL the instructions before the Opening Ceremonies.

Rod Black: And then in a cocky move, totally misjudging her ability to manipulate the tiny needles WITH the tiny yarn and still have the ability to hold a toothbrush, McBrien had to abandon the Galileo routine after row 20.  Very disappointing for the home crowd.  Her Olympic dream crushed.  Again.

David Pelletier: Well Rod, with the TINY bit of experience I’ve had in the Olympics what with, you know, winning gold and all, I can tell you after speaking with her coach earlier today…an active participant in her Olympic experience…

…that after changing her routine in mid-routine she’s going to go back to her old routine as routinely planned.  “I think I can do it,” he says she said.

Jamie Sale: AND that’s exactly what she should do.  The original plan was to knit the Fiddlehead Mitts AND to finish one set of sleeves on the many MANY sleeve-less sweaters that are lying in her knitting basket….s.  Why she decided against that late in the game, we’ll never know.  Also Rod?  Shut up.

David Pelletier: Exactly my thought Jamie.  Let’s take a look at that left front-shawl collar-upper back-right front combo on the Solaris (rav link) in Have Fun Stormin’ the Castle (MCN Worsted)…

…yep…that baby definitely needs arms.  And can someone explain to me why the iPhone is now taking better pictures than the real digital camera?

Rod Black: Well I don’t kno–

Jamie Sale: I believe I speak for all Canadians and those poor International visitors that are listening right now when I say “Shut up, Rod, or I’ll call in the zamboni they’re air lifting in from Calgary as we speak to run you over while the nation watches.

David Pelletier: Holy crap, did you see all the armless sweaters in these baskets?  Sure she shouldn’t be competing in the Paralympics?


4 thoughts on “Ever Feel Like Your Life Should Be Commentated?

  1. Cutest knitting coach ever! But that look of disappointment is heart-rending. Keep knitting. You’ve still got time to pick yourself up and carry on!

  2. I can’ take it any longer……my side is splitting, you make me laugh!!!!
    You, my dear, are glorious!
    keep going, keep going, keep going……

  3. You are hilarious! I want you to commentate my life…but in the voices of professional sports commentators of course!
    Hope to see you at the Hive this month!

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