Don’t Pop the Axel…Don’t Pop the Axel…

In 2006, I actually delayed starting a new job for 2 weeks to watch the Olympics. I sat knitting on my couch through the whole thing, not having any clue that there was a KNITTING OLYMPICS going on. Now there’s a sport I’d actually have a fighting chance in.

In 2008, I participated, but had to pull out of the race due to a rotator cuff injury. (all you non-knitting readers, including my family, go ahead and laugh. C’mon. Get it out of your system.)

In 2010, in front of a home crowd and now living with a person and a dog who both have no clue why I feel the need to a) watch the Olympics (both were warned about this obsession long before they moved in) and b) knit MORE than I do already, I am determined to finish.

I set myself what I felt was a decent challenge. Fiddlehead Mitts (rav link) in Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label yarn.  I avoid colourwork like the plague.  I love the look, but hate the process.  Why?  I like my knitting to flow and have a rhythm.  When it doesn’t, I lose interest.  For me, colourwork has always had a lack of rhythm.  Lots of stops and starts, dropping one colour to pick up another.  I just don’t like it.  But I love these mitts.  Tried on a finished pair at the Purple Purl and they fit perfectly.   And I have never knit mitts for myself.  At least none that actually cover my fingers.  So.  This was my challenge.  And with my incredibly busy schedule at the moment, I was certain it would take me the full two weeks to finish.


I think I’ve figured the colourwork thing out.  Just saying.

So, to up the difficulty, I’m aiming to finish these AND a pair of Cosmicpluto’s Galileo Mitts (rav link) in 4 ply Organic Merino:

Both pairs.  Both fully lined (it’s COLD up here).  Both.  While attempting to keep up the aforementioned crazy work schedule.  Kind of feels like throwing in a quadruple axel in the last minute of the program.  Hope I don’t pop the axel.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Pop the Axel…Don’t Pop the Axel…

  1. You are completely and utterly NUTS! This must be why I love you so much!
    Just sayin……..
    Your Fiddlehead Mitts are gorgeous by the way.
    Rock on, and don’t two foot the landing sister!

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