Colour Stories: Rachel H’s Tiara

Not all of my colour names are blatantly obvious.  Rachel H’s Tiara is one of those colours.

Way back in the Sock Summit planning days, in the midst of tornados of post it notes and mountains of spreadsheets, my friend Rachel H declared herself Queen of the Spreadsheets.  And mentioned something about deserving a tiara.  Now I’ve seen Rachel in action.  She is a master wielder of the clipboard.  Organizer extraordinaire.  And this weekend, she was busy tallying thousands of donation emails for Knitters Without Borders.  Ask, and she’s there with bells on.  So the request for a tiara?  I thought it should happen.

And she’s a knitter…so the yarn version of a tiara?  What would that be?  There is sparkly yarn…like Dream in Color’s Starry.  That would definitely work and would be the obvious choice.  But I am nothing if not obscure, and I really wanted to make it happen with colour. Something with life and sparkle.  Something that stands out from the others, but not in an expected way.  Something that changes subtley in different lights, making you pay attention.

This is that colour.  Even in the most subtle light, it glows from within, and yet is unassuming.  Like Rachel.

Because of all the hard work that she’s been doing for Knitters Without Borders, $1 from every skein in this colour will always go to Médicins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, every time it’s dyed.  And I plan on dyeing it a lot.


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