Truly a wonderful Rhinebeck year…good friends…good yarn and fibre…treats for everyone…

First of all, we spent the entire week before Rhinebeck making these little sample tags:

…however the person formerly known as “the Boy”, who now wishes to be referred to as the Squirrel Whisperer (I predict this will change very soon after he realizes there are no squirrels here), quickly came to the conclusion that knitters cannot live by yarn alone and would need TREATS!  Hence: treat bags to hand out at Rhinebeck!

(notice the Smarties…we tried to go for as much Can con as possible:  Coffee Crisp, Crispy Crunch, Smarties…)

Thank you to my “street team” (I feel so young and hip…) Stephannie, Elizabeth, Angela, Melanie, Sue, Molly, Emily and especially Keri, (who gets extra credit for wearing a freshly made-with-indigodragonfly-mcn sport cardigan, making her the most perfect billboard) who spread the treat bags far and wide.  I think this street team thing is going to expand very, very soon…

Memories of Rhinebeck 2009:

What do you think, Otis? Next year?
Canadians are fascinated by your very small ice cream…
…and really? Coke!  Now with vitamins and minerals!?
…but really it was the giggling over “Skinny Water” that almost got us kicked out of the grocery store.
lots of show and tell and knitting with friends
sheepy yarn bowl from Jennie the Potter
Briar Rose Legend and a merino single
Dye Dreams Dreamy Sock yarn
Foxhill Farm Cormo/Tussah Silk roving (mmmmm….cormo….)

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