Serious Squoosh Factor

No big secret that I LOVE Norah Gaughan.  Her designs wake up every creative brain cell I have.  And so when I saw Cormorant [rav link], I knew I needed to dye some yarn to make it.  Luckily the MCN (merino/cashmere/nylon) base comes in a variety of weights, so I was able to replicate the balance of Ultra Alpaca and Ultra Alpaca Fine with MCN Worsted and MCN Sock.

I’ve almost finished the Worsted section of the sweater:

Colourway:  Cliffs of Insanity  (or, if you’re Patrick, “Just Some Really Pretty Cliffs in Ireland…Nothing at all to do with Kim’s State of Mind”)

And I have to tell you…the SQUOOSH factor of this yarn is outstanding!  I stop every second row (or stitch…just saying) to squeeze it.

One more sleeve to go…and then onto the edging…


3 thoughts on “Serious Squoosh Factor

  1. OMG, I just hurt myself looking at all that beauty. Now I have to make Cormorant, and may need something along the idea of “Cliffs of Insanity”.
    Absolutely, freaking, incredibly brilliant!

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