News and Notes

Next Update

I’m getting yarn ready for the next update!
Wednesday September 23 at 5 pm Eastern (Toronto/New York time)
I’m going to try something new with this update.  I’m going to set it up to automatically go live at 5:00 pm on Wednesday.
New Pages on the Blog
I’ve set up available yarn and available fibre pages here on my blog.  Just click on the links below the header to see what’s currently available.  Yarn and fibre left after each update will be moved to the “available” pages approximately 24 hours later.

Shipping Changes
Many of you have requested faster shipping.  When you confirm your order, I’ll give you a surface mail and an airmail quote for shipping.  Just let me know which you’d prefer!
Thanks for your patience through the turmoil of the past couple of months.  I’m looking forward to getting into a regular dyeing/update routine REALLY soon!
And I’m about to make a yarn order…let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like to see.  It can be a yarn base I already offer…or maybe you’re looking for something new.  Leave a note in the comments!

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