I love doing custom work.  While there can be restrictions, there is a lot of freedom as well.  Working within parameters, but with a good dose of “but I really love what you do, so I trust you” is the best way to work!

Recently three good friends asked me to do some custom dyeing for them.   

Keri wanted “that dark purple you do…well, purples…any deep purples…”  So this is what she got:


MCN Sport

A sweater’s worth of MCN Sport.  

Molly  asked me to dye some of her handspun.  We decided on smoky, dusky plums.  And then I went to pick up Molly’s handspun  [insert dropped jaw and audible gasp] which was STUNNING.  Seriously, the woman makes gorgeous yarn.  It almost didn’t make it back to her.  


Let’s look a little closer, shall we?

(Molly has since commented that she sees the flaws in this handspun when she knits it…um, Molly, part of what makes handmade things beautiful is seeing the evidence, the imperfections, that show that a human made it.)

And finally Stephannie.  Stephannie handed me a bag of merino/seacell pencil roving and free reign.  I took some inspiration from the colours in her glasses (dark brown with light turquoise) and added a touch of smartass (limegreen) to get this:

Stephannie calls it “Desiccated Brains”…perfect.  🙂

I have to admit, custom work for friends is both wonderful and terrifying.  Even though I pretty much knew each of these lots was perfect for the recipient, it wasn’t until they each jumped up and down, hugging their yarn and fibre, that I actually knew.  And really, there is no better feeling than seeing someone LOVE something that you’ve made.

Custom work is easy to come by…don’t be afraid to ask.  🙂


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