Pink Bubblewrap

I hate pink.  I’m told it was my favourite colour when I was 5, but I grew out of that by the time I was 5 1/2.  Hate. It.  It’s really one of the few colours I want nothing to do with.  As much as I hate pink, Rebecca (a fellow dyer) and Leslie LOVE it.  I mean REALLY love it. The more I hate a particular shade of it, the more they are jumping up and down and screaming “MINE!!!”  

Rebecca falls down stairs.  A lot.  Which kind of makes us all want to wrap her up in bubblewrap in an effort to keep her safe.  It would have to be pink bubblewrap, of course.  The thought of that inspired me to create a colourway based on that idea. Something light and lightly variagated.  And very VERY pink.  Because maybe if we knit Rebecca an entire Pink Bubblewrap wardrobe, it will keep her safe!  Just in case, Rebecca is getting the first skeins out of the dyepot.

Then Leslie’s husband became very ill and was hospitalized.  Leslie’s daily life has become long hours at the hospital and heart wrenching decisions that no one should ever have to make.  I know that she is exhausted and emotionally drained.  

So when it came time to actually dye “Pink Bubblewrap”, I thought of Rebecca, of course, but I also thought of Leslie and her husband.  Willing the pot to stir up some healing for them.  And thinking about how much she loves pink!  And how pink is also a healing colour.  Clearly I knew one of the skeins would be going to her.

The knitters had other plans.  As soon as I “showed” them Pink Bubblewrap, there was a battle over who was going to buy some to send to Leslie.  It was immediate and very touching.  So to keep the peace, here’s what we decided:  anyone who wanted to, contributed a little to a care package.  In the end, the response was completely overwhelming.  Most of those involved have never met Leslie in person, yet they came together to try and show you how much they care. 

So a package of love and the best kind of wishes is making its way to California.  There is enough yarn to make anything Leslie desires…and gift certificates so that she can choose the right pattern(s) (including a gift from Anne Hanson, a truly generous soul!  Go buy something from her today.  You won’t regret it!)…and a small container that holds a piece of fruit, to remind Leslie that the first rule of being a caretaker, is to take care of yourself.  It touches me to no end that everytime Leslie touches this yarn, every stitch she knits and every time she wears the garment she makes from it… a small and very special group of knitters is giving her all the hugs and comfort and support we can from all over the continent.


3 thoughts on “Pink Bubblewrap

  1. What a beautiful story to go with a beautiful colour. And you know, if you ever have pink that you need to offload onto someone…well, it’s a hard burden but I’d be happy to shoulder that for you 😉

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