So where does she come up with this stuff???

I’ve never been very adept at naming my work.  In my career as a sculptural basketmaker, I tended towards very hippie-granola-new-agey names…but with some logic.  I once made a basket that was constructed by linking 3 woven mermaid sculptures together in a circle.  I called it “Taking Back Her Voice.”  Why?  Because I had laryngitis during the entire time I worked on the thing.  I literally got my voice back as soon as it was finished.  I also knew that “Hey! I Got My Voice Back!” probably wouldn’t sell the thing…but that “Taking” implied impowerment and self-determination.  I knew that someone would connect to that.  And many did.

So here I am in the middle of a new venture.  And things need to be named.  There are stories behind the names, so I thought that occasionally I would tell them.

I have a lot of help.  

Do, or Do Not…There is No Try

Carol is one of my oldest friends.  We met taking figure skating lessons when we were 8.  She is one of my movie friends…the friends who have always been there, no matter what.  Carol is one of the toughest people I know, with one of the softest hearts.  She cries when animals are hurt in movies.  And she was devestated by Jim Henson’s death.  (There was an outburst of “That’s not Kermit…Kermit is DEAD!! in the middle of a child-filled movie theatre during Muppet Treasure Island, which we will not speak of).  And despite what she will tell you, Carol is also one of the most creative people I know.  She is working on a list…

Within about 2 minutes of my announcing that I’d be starting a yarn dyeing business, Carol yelled out:  “Can we name some of the colours????  I want a do or do not…there is no try!” [insert a Yoda voice here, because Carol is completely incapable of doing this quote in her own voice].  Of course.  Muppet yarn.  And yes, we do know the quote is not exactly right…but that’s part of the charm.

In the meantime, an online/knitter friend, Jaya, requested “sagey green” yarn for baby knits.  Jaya and I have a similar rapport online to the one that Carol and I have in person.  It’s based on humour, knowing just a bit too much about each other and a healthy dose of smartass.  Also, the one time that Jaya and I did meet in person, she gave me the kind of incredulous look that Carol gives me on a weekly basis.  If Carol and Jaya were to ever meet…I’d be in BIG trouble!  

I had no idea that both yarns would end up being the same thing.  Sometimes there is magic in the dyepot.  I kind of feel like this was an odd real life/online collaboration inspired by 2 friends who both know how to keep me in line.  

Now, who wants to be the one to let Carol know that naming a yarn after a Yoda quote does NOT mean she gets to meet Frank Oz?


3 thoughts on “So where does she come up with this stuff???

  1. I love the names you’ve given your yarns… they’re definitely very memorable.

    But you’re on your own to tell Carol about not meeting Frank Oz. While I’m sure Carol wouldn’t hit a pregnant chick, I’m not going to risk finding out 😉

  2. Craig instantly knew what colour the yarns were when I gave him the names. He (and I) especially love Screams when boiled.

    I love the Mermaid story. It’s such a feminist-granola name with such smartass underpinnings.

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