Because the Girl Guides taught me to BE PREPARED…

Dear Tracey and Leslie,

Just in case you two think you can successfully perform cross-border, international cardigan kidnapping…I am knitting a back-up Elsewhere.  You will not leave me cardigan-less…I swear it!

Also, Otis says:


PS – Jaya, you can borrow this one too.




This is the sweater “formerly-known-as-Norah-now-known-as-Elsewhere” (Rav link) by Amy Swenson.  After deciding to change the name of the pattern, Amy had a contest on her blog.  Amazing entries!  Just read through the comments.  And, um…Amy chose mine. 

I love language.  I love playing with language…context…mixing words around…  Joss Whedon is the master of this.  And the play on language in Buffy and in Firefly is something I love.  “Don’t you have an elsewhere to be?” is one of my favourite quotes from Buffy.  And believe me, there are days when I really want an “elsewhere” to be!

I know I’m going to wear this alllllllllll the time.  It’s comfortable, it’s easy to wear.  Works for work.  Works for play.  Is it bad that it’s just off the needles and I’m already planning the next one? 

The yarn is Sundara’s Fingering Silky Merino in Ruby Port…held double for 2 reasons:  to get gauge and to layer up the colour differences in each skein.  The skeins were very well matched, but I’ve found that when I double up handdyed yarn, the colours knit up as complex and layered, rather than pooling. 

The Silky Merino is a beautiful silk/merino blend.  My Sundara love is legendary, and there’s a reason for that.  Even her simplest colours have complex layers to them that sometimes aren’t revealed until you’ve knit them.  This is one of those colours.  Multiple layers of red and deep rose and plum combined to give great depth to the overall colour.  Even the little white bits contribute to giving this colour it’s depth.  And I swear it’s changing colour in every light.  Quite magical!

Apartment light at night – much more of a deep, complex rose:

Sunny day at the office – deep, ruby red:

Yep!  Definitely my favourite sweater!  Thanks Amy and Sundara