Full of Grace

A small piece of advice: picking up your last paycheque at a job you just lost and trying to exit gracefully…should not include falling down a full flight of stairs and breaking your toe. Really.


9 thoughts on “Full of Grace

  1. I’m so sorry.
    I understand so much it hurts – my toe too.

    Many hugs,
    How about Sunday at The Purl?

  2. Take heart. The last job I got I got BECAUSE I fell down a flight of stairs. They were very impressed with my grace and poise apparently.

  3. Two things: First, the knit shawl is beautiful. I found by trolling for shawls on the internet. I think it is the first shawl I’ve ever seen knit in a variegated yarn which I liked. Really lovely. Second, I hope your toe is better by now–sounds painful!

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