Finally photos!


…has been finished for a few weeks now.  And today has been the first day I’ve been home during daylight to take photos!  It’s Anne Hanson’s Obstacles Shawl (rav link) in Briar Rose Fibers’ Legend…quite possibly the squooshiest yarn ever…acquired during the Great Rhinebeck Adventure I love the way Chris’s colours play themselves out.  No pooling…just short jags of colours that randomly bounce through the knitting.  Not at all what I would have expected from looking at the skein.

And Legend really holds the texture with amazing depth.  Like you could just dive right into it and be lost for days.   No blocking for this shawl!  I swear it makes it feel so much warmer.

And Off-Kilter

I’ve loved Skif sweaters for years.  The asymmetrical shapes, the many different ways they can be worn…love them…but the prices are out of my league. So when I found out they were producing knitting patterns — well, it’s obvious where this is going, right?  Hence Off-Kilter, based loosely on Skif’s Martha pattern.  I made a ton of adjustments to this to make it right for me.  I widened every piece considerably.  If you follow the original pattern, the top balloons slightly over the lower waistband and I didn’t like that look.  Instead, I knit a longer strip so that the transition from the top to the waistband is more relaxed, and love the result.  The yarn:  Sundara sock yarn in Deadly Nightshade.  The skeins came from many different sources and were very different, ranging from very light with random flecks of dark, to almost completely dark purple.  Knitting double-stranded completely eliminated that problem.

Here’s the back…

And remember this? Yep, had to do it again with this one, but through the body.  (Don’t worry…no documentary photos this time)  Not that I’m knocking myself out looking for opportunities to practice the cut, knit and graft back together thing…


4 thoughts on “Finally photos!

  1. oh wow . . that obstacles i AMAZING. wow. that chris . . she’s something else. and your knitting!! it’ gorgeous; i hope you enjoy it for a long time!

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