Look what I made!

My first handdyed roving…

Dyeing in my apartment is not an option, so I was so happy to hear Megan was opening a dye studio at Lettuce Knit.  (I think it’s quite possible she has spies in my brain.  Thinking of trying some Habu stainless steel?  Huh.  She has it.  Thinking…gee those Raven colourways  are wonderful.  Huh.  Lettuce has that too…)  Dyeing is my thing.  I love it and used to do it for a living.  But never with wool…until I took a workshop with Laura.  Now my felting-paranoia has been quelled and I’m set to go!

The singles…

…and plied…

…and slowly turning into Jyri

There is really nothing more satisfying.


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