urban tribe and magic light show

Every Tuesday night, I go to the movies with 3 of my oldest friends, C, P & J. We’ve been doing it in one form or another for 24 years. We were in high school when we started, and in those days only kept up the tradition during the summer or on holidays, but as long as we’re all in the same city…this is what we do. And there are rules.

First rule of movie night: must. NOT. miss. movie. night.
(There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but even my family has learned not to schedule seemingly important events like birthday parties and the like on Tuesdays. They know the rules.)


  • must sit in the “middle, middle.” (translation: middle of the row, middle row of the theatre) C chooses the seats. This sometimes takes her a lot of time and occasional indecision. This elicites groans and sighs from the rest of us.
  • must be done dinner and inside the movie theatre a minimum of 20 minutes before the show (this rule introduced after the very tragic Lethal Weapon 4 incident where we arrived 15 minutes before the show to a packed theatre and not only missed out on the “middle, middle” seats, but had to sit on the side, near the front.
  • concession buying/washroom visits are very carefully choreographed. J buys her popcorn while C, P and I get seats. P and I drop off bags and head to the washroom and then to get popcorn. Meanwhile J goes back to relieve C, freeing her up to do the washroom thing, cause apparently she doesn’t eat popcorn. (P would disagree with this as half of hers mysteriously gets eaten)

Oh there are more…but I’ll spare you for the moment.

So today I offer a movie review…well, more of a discussion.

Yesterday’s movie: Eastern Promises

Excellent movie. Well written, great story, very intense performances. Though with very graphic violence, so not for the weak of heart. In that way, it’s typical Cronenberg. At least this time, I was given some warning so that I knew WHEN to turn away from the screen! Viggo Mortensen’s performance is seamless…cold and offputting, with a subtle charm that convinces even the most hardened crime boss to do what he wants. Yet you trust him somehow. Armin Mueller-Stahl is chilling. And Naomi Watts is smart, strong and never the victim.

My only problem? I didn’t understand why it ended!! *laughing* I expected much more murder and mayhem before it was over. Usually Cronenberg leaves me depressed and feeling hopeless. This, by his usual standards, was actually a happy ending. Maybe that makes it all the more brilliant.