5.5 hours and counting

The contracts not signed, but since I’m to start in a few days, I think it’s now safe to say…I HAVE A NEW JOB! *huge sigh of relief*

Actually… it’s 2 jobs. Executive Director for Visual Arts Ontario, a position I’m really excited about. They’re about to start a new and refreshed direction for organization, so it’s a good time to be joining them. Since it’s only part time, I will also be working for Daniela Nardi part time as her business manager. Timing’s everything. We went to music school together, lost touch for 15 years and have only recently made contact again through a very random source. And over that 15 years, I’ve managed to piece together the skills that she really needs.

So in 5.5 hours, I get to walk out of an office filled with frustration, boredom and a complete lack of respect and communication…and onto a fresh new path.

Wish me luck!

PS –yes, I’m trying new themes…


One thought on “5.5 hours and counting

  1. Hello, I just found your blog after seeing your photos on Flickr as I was looking at shawls. I commented on Flickr also but have never really communicated that way, so thought I would also ask here – are you still destashing your Blue Fig laceweight? Thanks for letting me know and I look forward to reading your blog!

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